Thursday, March 23, 2006

For the sake of closure..

Denied at Chicago.. :(


At 23 March, 2006 11:04, Blogger vishy said...

I really felt bad reading this da. I can empathise with u. I was really expecting some good company aftar a long time. It would have been great had u been to chicago. NEway u still have one more to go da. Do not worry. Just take a day off and relax da.

At 23 March, 2006 12:13, Blogger Drops Of Jupiter said...

sent you an email,

At 23 March, 2006 14:22, Blogger sghama said...

I'm sorry to hear that D - but the good news is you're still young so you have lots of time to improve and get into the program of your dreams! Don't give up!

At 24 March, 2006 11:24, Blogger AynRand2008 said...

I took a deep breath after reading this post, and immediately looked at your previous "Plan B" post. Good luck in making the decision between option 1 and 2.

The weekend is coming, so have a drink. Monday is a new week and you can start strategize again for your next move.

Good luck! :-) BTW, you might still hear from NYU..


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